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Welcome to the first edition of our spectacular online magazine. Whether you are getting married, are married or just an avergae Joe having a good read, this Magazine will entertain you & inspire you to wait for the next issue.

Thanks to our partners and leaders in the wedding industry the Aleit Group, Wedding Diary brings you entertaining wedding planning material to help you plan your dream wedding with style and ease.


Carl Wallace

Carl Wallace - CEO of Wedding Diary
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Weddings South Africa
Aleit Group

Pioneered by two great minds Aleit Swanepoel and Carl Wallace, the Wedding Diary concept will have an enormous impact on the wedding industry of South Africa as we know it today.


They have developed an online virtual wedding planning system, allowing brides-to-be to plan their entire wedding down to the finest details with an automated online program. This online planner encompass the following areas of wedding planning: 


- q & a wedding blog

- engagement planner 

- health and beauty planner 

- fashion and accessories organizer 

- wedding style planner 

- bridal party organizer 

- wedding checklists 

- tasks of the bridal party 

- cost & quotes manager 

- budget planner 

- photo & video checklists 

- gift registries 

- guest list and table seating manager 

- beverage estimate calculator 

- time tables 

- countdown daily planner 

- honeymoon organizer 


and a chance to win South Africa’s most exclusive Bride of the Year Competition.

Alcohol Calculator


Special features of the Wedding Diary system are the weight planner with automated reminders to keep brides on track, the health-&-beauty time and appointments schedule, a fashion planner to help with ideas and link the bride to fashion designers all over South Africa. The automated budget calculator helps the couple keep within their budget easily. The beverage and alcohol calculator will ensure they don’t over spend on drinks, as this is often the case. Our gift registry section links the brides to the Boardman’s and @Home gift registries. We have an online chat room for brides to chat and share ideas. The guest list planner will automatically seat guests at the allocated tables once they rsvp. The guest list and table plan can be printd or emailed at own leisure. Keep track of who received invites, who gave gifts and who received thank you cards. 

The countdown day-planner ensures the bride covers every detail that needs to get done in the last few days coming up to the wedding day. 

The honeymoon planner keeps all the honeymoon arrangements and important booking information in one safe place.


This is surely the latest most fun way of planning a wedding if the bride doesn’t have a coordinator. No more carrying large files around, it is all digital and safe with back ups. Even the bride’s family and friends helping them plan can login with their details to access their planning system.


After the wedding the bride can take part in what is the most exclusive bridal competition in South Africa with over R300 000 worth of prizes to be won. Top Billing will cover this grand event and public voting will take place on the Top Billing and the Wedding Diary websites.


This system is estimated to be used by over 10 000 brides across South Africa by middle next year and is currently generating around 150 000 hits per month. This will give the Wedding Service Providers of South Africa an amazing platform to market their businesses from. There are different ways of advertising on the website, from ad banners to full company profile pages containing photos and information about their business. They also get an admin account where they can manage their own profiles, almost like managing their own websites. The best and most exclusive advertising space would be inside the virtual wedding planner itself. Since the planner contains every detail and segment of an entire wedding, there are opportunities for service providers to sponsor the section of wedding planning in their specific service category. This would give them primary exposure to thousands of brides across South Africa actively planning their wedding.


Service providers can also submit specials and notifications, which is posted on the profile walls of each bride using the system. This is a very easy way of reaching thousands of brides instantly. Contact the Wedding Diary marketing team for more information on posting notifications on these bridal walls at


Wedding Diary – planning the smart way.

Bride of the Year

The Wedding Diary and Aleit Bride of the Year 2009-2010


Wedding Diary, The Aleit Group and Top Billing are proud to announce the start of the 2009-2010 Bride of the Year.


We invite all brides that got married between June 2009 and June 2010 to enter our exclusive Bride of the Year Competition and win over R300 000 in prizes.

Bride of the Year



Simply click the link below to fill in the entry form. You have to submit 5 photos to complete your entry.


You will need:


1. Profile photo

2. Full length photo

3. Couple photo

4. Ceremony photo

5. Reception photo


We have a national public voting system where all the brides’ friends, family and contacts can vote for her on the Wedding Diary website and the Top Billing website. We are expecting 5000 bridal entries and a minimum of 500 000 votes on the two websites. After the voting 24 finalists will take part in our spectacular Grand Finale at the end of the year to be broadcasted by Top Billing. 


This is something you do not want to miss out on, so if you know anyone that got married between June 2009 and June 2010 please notify them and invite them to enter this exclusive competition.


We are looking forward to having you all part of this great event.


We also have a competition and a Grand Prize for the Wedding Service Provider with the most brides entered into the competition. So if you are a wedding service provider this is a great opportunity to market your fabulous service.

Fat Loss
Bridal Boutique
Featured Wedding
Featured Wedding
Adéle Basson and Ernst Hertzog met during their first year of studies, in 1999, at Stellenbosch University.  They both attended a braai one night at a mutual friend’s house - apart from the formal introductions, not much other conversation was shared between them that evening.  It was only three years later, while they were both on the University of Stellenbosch Carnival Committee (Adéle being Ernst’s boss!), that a friendship and eventually a relationship began between the couple.

Ernst received the ring a week earlier than anticipated and was so excited that he decided to pop the question that same evening.  He arranged a simple, intimate evening with wine and pizza at Adéle’s flat, with the promise of a little “surprise” to cheer her up after a hard week of work.  Sitting down on her heated carpet for dinner, he told her that he wanted to play her a song on his guitar that he has especially written for her.  He started strumming a few chords then stopped and talked to her for a few minutes about what the real surprise was.  He then took the ring out of his guitar bag and placed it on her finger.  Her first reaction was “Ernst…no!” but then he told her that was the wrong answer and she quickly said “I mean…YES!”
Aleit Weddings

Stellenbosch is a very special place for both Adéle and Ernst as it is where he grew up and also where their friendship first began. Therefore there was no doubt in their minds that this beautiful, historical town would be the place for them to marry.  Having worked with Aleit before, they quickly contacted the Team to start with the planning of their special day.  Venues were scouted and eventually they found the fantastic surrounds of Webersburg Wine Estate with its immaculate green lawns and magnificent views.    


The ceremony took place inside the Old Wine Cellar.  Guests were seated on white-washed benches and waited in anticipation for the Bride to arrive.  Adéle was escorted down the aisle by her proud father and finally handed over to Ernst in the presence of God, precious family and friends.  After the sharing of vows the couple were greeted outside the Cellar with loud cheers and showered with confetti and kisses.  Before being whisked away by Joe, the photographer, the newly-weds spent a few minutes greeting their guests.  All were relaxed and lounged outside on white leather couches in the warm evening sunshine, sipping on refreshing Pongracz sparkling wine and tasting delicious treats.  Interesting platters of Goat’s cheese and preserved fig wrapped in Parma Ham, miniature lamb sosaties in Cape Malay marinade and a firm favourite, skewered Chakalaka boerewors with fresh mango, circulated the garden. 

Aleit Weddings

As dusk approached guests were ushered into a crisp white freeform Bedouin tent edged with a line of fairy lights, and seated at rectangular tables adorned with delicate, pink stargazer lilies.  The Bride and Groom recall their entrance to the reception being a highlight of their wedding, as they were introduced as ‘Meneer’ en ‘Mevrou’ Hertzog for the first time.  “The weather was perfect, the venue was perfect, the sound, the food, the photographer – everything was just amazing and it is thanks to Aleit and his Team!”  A three course served dinner was introduced with a light salad of chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables dressed with a Balsamic and red wine vinaigrette.  This was followed by meticulously slow roasted Karoo lamb shanks braised in red wine and rosemary, served on garlic mash and accompanied by bowls of vegetables. 


The couple decided to deter from the traditional wedding look on the dance floor and instead opted for a warm, funky, cigar lounge feel.  It was in this relaxed atmosphere that they experienced their first dance together to the sounds of “The One I Love” by David Gray.  They were soon joined by their admirers and the dance floor continued to hum late into the evening.  As the celebrations peaked, waitrons walked around offering dessert platters containing brandy snap baskets filled with white chocolate mousse and topped with passion fruit, strawberries dipped in dark Belgian chocolate, mini fruit tartlets with a crème patisserie, vanilla pod crème brûlée served in individual ramekins, hazelnut & almond nougat and peppermint creams…a fabulous feast containing something for every sweet tooth present!  Adéle and Ernst promised themselves before the wedding that they would not expect too much from the wedding day, to ensure they would not be disappointed.   “We can truly say that it was the highlight of our three months of married life.  What made it special was God's presence, as well as having special people from grandparents to little babies share in our celebration!”

Aleit Weddings

After the wedding the couple spent three days in Greyton relaxing and regaining their sanity!   It was a fantastic time of rest and recharging.  Thereafter they went to the Maldives for seven nights, with a half day stop over in Dubai.  Their itinerary travelling back to South Africa was a bit too busy so they were very tired when they returned, but they both looked forward to moving into their house!   “Maldives offers the most amazing island holiday, but it was extremely hot (not good for cuddling!)  Nevertheless, it was super romantic…”

Wow, how to put our thanks into words? You are the most amazing team. You were very professional from the start and we just knew that you would make the day special. You provided so much personal detail and we never even once felt as if our wedding was just another wedding. You were beside us from the beginning and guided us through all the drama and good fortune.  We are eternally grateful to God that we were so privileged to have you co-ordinate our wedding. We cannot understand any Bride and Groom who talks about stress and chaos!  We enjoyed every single moment of our wedding and were able to absorb everything; we had no worries and were calmly aware that everything was under control... very adequate and well controlled.  We developed friendships and found friends within your team - people who we will always look up and visit if we are in the Cape; people who will organize our 25th anniversary and 50th birthday parties!  Thank you so much!

Wedding Food
Advice for future Brides…Everyone one that we talk to who is getting married in and around Cape Town, I say just one thing…call Aleit!  It’s the best decision you can make and worth every penny, not matter what your first quote looks like!
Service providers:
Music Agent – Aleit Music and Entertainment; 
Photographer – Joe Dreyer; 
Minister – Pastor Ross van Niekerk; 
Band – Sound Imagination; 
Florist – OKASIE; 
Stationery – Elsje Designs; 
Hair & Make-Up Artist – Candice-Leigh Arnott; 
Cake Maker – Celebration Cakes; 
Chef – Salt and Pepper Catering; 
Lighting – Something Different Concept and Shows; 
Hiring– Hireworx, Ukuba Afrika and Foci;  
Freeform Bedouin Tent – Ukuba Afrika; 
Waitrons – Urban Tonic
Hair and make Up
Wedding Photography
Weddings Western Cape
Wedding Flowers
Flowers and Petals


Have you heard of freeze dried petals & flowers?
Well, you do know about instant coffee which is freeze dried too! Freeze Drying is simply a way of preserving flowers, coffee, or virtually any foodstuff actually, so that it is more usable & useful!
With coffee, you get a drink that tastes almost exactly like real, filtered coffee - with Flowers & Petals, they look fresher & more colourful for longer than fresh flowers & petals.
So, if you are looking for wedding flowers & the best confetti you can get, here are the facts:
Using our flowers & petals is more flexible – most colours are available all year round, regardless of the growing season.
They look completely fresh even though they are completely dry.  The process ensures that they keep their colours & size so it is virtually impossible to tell that they are not fresh!
They will not rot or look old once you put them out on the table or use them as confetti – unlike fresh or air dried petals, for instance.
They are 100% bio-degradable, with no chemicals added and are easy to clear up - the confetti, for example, just goes to crumbs after use.
Here are some of the ways freeze dried petals & flowers are used:
Decorating:  tables, rooms, bridal suites, beds, baths …… the petals will not stain, no matter what the colour!

Tossing:  great for tossing cones or for baskets….. the petals will not wilt or rot & are hand sorted so that you get the best looking petals from many blooms.  No need to frantically stuff tossing cones at the last minute for fear of the petals wilting & going brown!

Lining aisles, pathways & dance floors:  Freeze dried petals are not slippery & just crumble when walked on so no embarrassing or painful moments on that special day!

Bouquets & arrangements:  Getting married in a romantic but remote location where fresh flowers are difficult to get?  Have your bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, button holes & corsages made in advance with our freeze dried flowers.  

Flowers & buds for your hair:  Freeze dried flowers & buds weigh so little you won’t even notice them in your hair & they will remain looking fresh the whole day! You could decorate your dog's collar to give your “Head of Security” a celebratory look!

Flowers & buds for the cake & food:  they will always look fresh, no matter what the temperature, so that your cake maker will have one less thing to stress about.  Because no preservatives or chemicals are used in the freeze drying process, they can be used to decorate food, to your guests delight.
Visit or contact Paola for more information.
Tel: 0768 727734
Flowers for Weddings
Photo and Video
Decor and Flowers
Aphrodisiacs have been around since the beginning of civilisation and are a great way to add interest to a romantic meal for two. Most have been proven to have limited actual effect, however the suggestive nature of them can go a long way in spicing up your dinner. The best known item has to be the oyster. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and promptly gave birth to Eros. From here the word "aphrodisiac" was born. The dashing lover Casanova also used to start a meal eating 12 dozen oysters.
People either love them or hate them and die hard oyster fans would think it a sacrilege to cook them but in a light tempura batter they can be amazing. Plate them up on a big platter to share.
Keeping with the seafood theme this classic tuna dish from Nice has been revived as a main course. Delicately seared tuna on a bed of vibrantly coloured vegetables is always a treat. A great wine for this dish would be a fruity Sauvignon Blanc.
To finish the meal we combine another two classic aphrodisiacs, chocolate and chilli. Although this trend has come and gone I find that when combined correctly a slight heat from the chilli, really enhances the taste of the classic chocolate mousse.
Bon Appetite!
Wedding Food
Tempura Oyster with a Chilli, Lime & Ginger Dressing
200ml peanut oil
12 oysters
150g tempura flour
4 cubes of ice
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper to taste
handfull of coriander sprigs
juice & zest of 2 lime
1 red chilli, seeded & chopped
20g ginger, chopped
1 spring onion, finely chopped
2 drops sesame oil
25 ml soy sauce
5ml fish sauce
20ml peanut oil
Heat the oil to 180∞C. Open the oyster and reserve the juices. Mix the oyster juices with
100g of the flour & the ice to form a batter. Add a few drops of soda water if required. Mix all
the ingredients for the dressing together & refrigerate. Remove the oysters from the shells &
coat them in the remaining flour, seasoned with salt & pepper. Dip the oysters in the batter
one by one and fry in the oil until golden brown & crispy, approximately 30seconds. Return
the oysters to their shells & top with the dressing and coriander sprigs.
Serves 2
Wedding Food
Main Course
Seared Yellowfin Tuna ìNicoiseî
2 x 180g portions tuna
50ml olive oil
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
8 new potatoes, halved & parboiled
150g fine beans, blanched
4 asparagus spears, blanched
8 cherry tomatoes, halved
8 black olives, pipped & halved
1 red onion, blanched & cut into rings
4 quails eggs, hard boiled & halved
50ml olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp dijon mustard
20ml white wine vinegar
30ml cream
Whisk together all the ingredients for the vinaigrette & set aside. Heat up the potatoes &, mix
with half the vinaigrette. Heat a griddle pan till smoking hot. Rub the tuna with the olive oil &
season to taste. Grill for 30 seconds to a minute on each side keeping the middle medium
rare. Mix the rest of the ingredients together with the remaining vinaigrette & divide between
two plates. Place the grilled tuna on top & serve.
Serves 2
Double Dark Chocolate & Chilli Mousse
150 g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids chopped
100g white chocolate, chopped
3 eggs
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 medium red chilli, finely sliced
2 tbsp dark rum
250ml double or whipping cream, softly whipped
sifted cocoa powder
Place the dark and white chocolate in a heatproof bowl suspended over a pan of simmering
water. Once melted, set aside to cool. In a whisking bowl, using a whisk or electric beater,
beat together the eggs and sugar until thick and pale, around 5 minutes. Using a metal
spoon, fold the melted chocolate into the beaten egg mixture. Fold in the rum and chilli,
carefully fold in the whipped cream. Divide the chocolate mousse mixture into 2 separate
martini glasses. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours until set. Just before serving,
dust with sifted cocoa powder.
Serves 2
Wedding Food
HAir and Make UP
Q&A with Aleit
Topic: Decor
"I am planning a small wedding and my colours are purple, cerise pink and silver. How can I lay out the table decor? Which colours go where? Should I use a silver, pink or purple table cloth?" 
Dear Bride 
Congratulations on your engagement. You have chosen pretty fierce colours. Be very careful not to go overboard, in order for it to still look romantic and elegant. Herewith a breakdown of how to use your preferred colours. 
Silver: the easiest one. This is can easily be brought to your table via beautiful king silver cutlery, silver base plates and silver containers for the flowers. I would also consider using soft silver table cloths for the tables. Or a silver table cloth with a charcoal or grey pattern. 
Cerise Pink: The flowers available in cerise can easily look cheap. Mix the cerise pink flowers, such as carnations and roses, with other softer natural flowers and foliage. Opt for romantic and classic loose arrangements rather than compact arrangements. Compact arrangements are extremely expensive as you have to use double the amount of flowers, but it
does not necessarily look more expensive.
Purple: The best way to bring in purple is via the stationery and wedding favours. Menus, name tags and table numbers printed in purple would add just the right amount of purple to your table. Also a purple pashmina on every second chair for the ladies is not a bad idea. 
I truly hope this helps. 
Good luck with the rest of the planning!
Johnny Hammann
Creative Director - The Aleit Group
Photographer: Joe 
Bar service
The Turbine Hall generates some wedding chic
The Turbine Hall, an architectural icon in Johannesburg’s Newtown district, is now open for weddings. Hailed for its urban industrial cool the venue has been making a name for itself among Joburg’s fashionable set since it launched in 2009 – as the location of Sanlam SA Fashion Week. The event carried the forum company signature of art, style and fine food set inside an award-winning heritage building. Add a bride and groom and you have the perfect recipe for a magical wedding.
Turbine Hall
Boutique Hotels
Bridal Wear
Bridal Wear
About the Designer
Timeless design meets sophisticated style; the Elbeth Gillis brand is the hallmark of all that is feminine, as eternal and inspiring as the union of marriage itself. Now the bridal couturier is taking the next step, bringing together the classic tailoring and attention to detail of bridal wear to the world of ready-to-wear fashion. Founded in 1997, the Elbeth Gillis brand has emerged as the preeminent house of bridal couture. Driven by an unrivaled degree of quality and subtle sensuality, each dress is a journey; with fabrics sourced internationally to original designs to the personal touches, every dress is as unique as the bride who wears it.
As the head of her eponymous brand, Elbeth embodies the same virtues that her brides find in their dresses – style, charm, and uncompromising class. With a three-year fashion diploma from The Cape Peninsula University of Technology behind her, as well as twenty years experience in the industry, Elbeth’s work is testament to her talent in creating the perfect garment.
Encouraged by the overwhelming support of the industry and her clientele, Elbeth Gillis is expanding her brand beyond bridal to the world of luxury ready-to-wear. Opening with two collections – Evening Couture and LBD – as well as collaborating with luxury industry partners, the Elbeth Gillis brand will be expanding like never before.
Yet, even in these times of change, Elbeth Gillis will never forget that the real triumph is, and will always be, in producing the finest quality hand-made garments that dreams are made of.
Wedding DressesBridal CoutureWedding Dresses
Bridal Trends - Spring/Summer 2010
The Elbeth Gillis spring/summer 2010 collection will be a floral spectacular, where elegance meets edge and tradition and trend are fused. The notion of flowers will be carried through with embellishments and Chantilly lace on more sheer fabrics, such as Dupion silk and silk organza, for an angelic gossamer effect. Ruffled tiers and extensive beading will introduce luxurious volume and detail to gowns, playing with dramatic light and shadow, texture, and shape. Sensual and striking, the Elbeth Gillis gown will turn heads, an unforgettable experience for both the bride and all who see her. 
The newly refined logo relays Elbeth Gillis’ bold direction in bridal; with twenty years in the industry she has honed her technique in producing garments that are of exceptional quality, that dare to challenge tradition, and that whisk the bride away on the experience of a lifetime. With Elbeth, the dress is only the beginning of the journey; she offers insightful creative direction on all aspects of the Big Day, tying the different elements together to create an occasion that is breathtaking, flawless, and one that will always live on as a cherished memory.
There is no image more immortally beautiful than that of the rose; captured in sonnet and song, it personifies the purest virtue – love. This season, bridal couture takes its inspiration from the rose; from its delicate folds and ruffles to its sheer texture and chastely, pale hues.
Modern weddings are moving away from notions of everyday trends that pass too quickly, instead turning to vintage glamour. From brides in birdcage-veils to grooms with slicked side-partings, the luster and nostalgia of the bygone days of cinema and style are back.
Bridal WearBridal CoutureWedding Dress
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Wedding Jewellery
French Charm - Mynhardthof Guest House
We are delighted to have discovered Mynhardthof five star guest house, a real jewel and a piece of French Provençal charm, just 30 minutes drive from Cape Town!
Mynhardthof is situated in a tranquil, exclusive and secure residential suburb of Somerset West, Western Cape. The tree-lined streets are accented by rambling estates with stately homes overlooking the panoramic vistas of the Helderberg mountain range and False Bay.
This exquisitely furnished manor house, with a French feel, comprises of seven luxury bedrooms, each with lavish en-suite bathrooms. Superb furnishing and décor and indoor-outdoor relaxation areas add to the tranquility, comfort and absolute luxury of Mynhardthof. The lounges, dining areas and patios all offer easy access to the beautiful gardens with rolling lawns – ideal for an outdoor wedding, with the enormous sparkling swimming pool and entertainment area in close proximity. Secure parking areas are available to all guests.
Mynhardthof is a short drive away from some of the Western Cape’s beautiful beaches, golf courses, shopping malls, beautiful mountain walks, wine estates and exquisite cuisine at a variety of restaurants.
A stately maison amongst the vines, overlooking the sea, Mynhardthof offers you the best of both worlds and a stay of unsurpassed luxury and personalised attention.
Wedding Venue
Photo & Video
Bridal Emporium
401 Rozendal
The Joubert family has been wine farmers in the Stellenbosch district since 1913 on the farm Rozendal. In 2009, construction started on an agricultural roof structure to protect the one hundred year old shed situated on the farm.  What started out as a bid to save the building quickly escalated into the construction of 401 Rozendal, one of the winelands’ most unique wedding and function venues. 
Wedding Venuesvenues
The shed – used initially as a wine cellar and room for tobacco pressing – has been reinvented to become a spacious venue where the original attic now functions as a luxurious loft, together with traditional wine coups doubling as lounges.  The building, nevertheless, retains its integrity: now famous as 401 Rozendal, this historic shed seamlessly integrates traditional architecture with modern amenities and can be regarded as the pinnacle of Stellenbosch chic.
Wedding & Function VenueVenues
Each and every wedding hosted at 401 Rozendal relives the pride we have in our venue. Our focus, therefore, remains the meticulous planning and perfect execution of your wedding day.  Under the guidance of our dedicated venue manager, we will serve delectable catering and award-winning wine in order to create an enjoyable and most memorable day. 
Weddings StellenboschWeddings Western CapeWedding VenuesVenues
VenuesStellenbosch Weddings
VenuesWedding Venue
Wedding Planners
Wedding Service Providers
Photographer: Michael Tree Photography
Michael is a stylist at heart, his photos are simple, elegant and challenging...
Wedding Photographers
Videography: Icandy Visual Productions
iCandy Visual Productions aim to bring out the ‘ooh’, the ‘ahh’, the ‘wow’ and ‘mmmmmm’ in you with our still and moving visual experiences that are true – eye candy! We have mastered the art of really understanding what our client’s needs are. We can easily adapt to capture anything for your very personal romantic wedding experience.   This is made possible through years of experience as well as boundless creativity and passion that are the cornerstones of our endeavors. Please join us on a journey through our website to view the services and products we offer and to enjoy moments from the work we have done and comments from our clients at 
Wedding Stationery: Canvas Events
“Canvas Events Media specializes in the Design and Production of wedding stationery and wedding websites. 
Our primary business is that of design, we make sure that every invitation, save the date, e-invitation, website or whatever else we do for our clients is GORGEOUS and exactly what they want. We therefore NEVER repeat the same design twice."
Wedding Stationery
Jewellers: Sterns - for now, for ever
We know that the perfect piece of jewellery is as important as the person who wears it and that it will be treasured forever, whether it is bought for oneself or a loved one. With this knowledge, our committed staff deliver excellent customer service to ensure a magnificent shopping experience that will be unforgettable. 
Read more about Sterns...
Top Billing Magazine – THE BEST OF THE GOOD LIFE
Top Billing Magazine, inspired by the Top Billing TV show, combines the latest trends in fashion, décor, food and travel allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of glamour and elegance. Driven by a team of professionals we search to bring you only the best content. Our pages are filled with awe-inspiring stories, news and ideas allowing you to share in the best of the good life! 
Read more about Top Billing...
Bridal Wear – Elbeth Gillis
Timeless design meets sophisticated style; the Elbeth Gillis brand is the hallmark of all that is feminine, as eternal and inspiring as the union of marriage itself. Now the bridal couturier is taking the next step, bringing together the classic tailoring and attention to detail of bridal wear to the world of ready-to-wear fashion.
Bridal wear
Flowers and Petals – Petal Mania
Petals & flowers for your wedding favours …
Are you planning your wedding (or your client’s wedding) & keen to have a wonderful bouquet, flowers in your hair, petals on the pathway or aisle, flower girl baskets or pomanders for the bridesmaids, confetti & wedding favors for the guests?
Wedding Flowers
Decor – In Good Company
In Good Company specialises in imported and local linen, ribbon, tableware, decorations, cake toppers, favours and gifts. 
We are also proud suppliers of Weddingstar and Cathy's Concepts. A whole colour spectrum of Chinese paper parasols, fans and paper lanterns are available, as well as stunning capiz shell and vintage glass candleholders to mention a few.
Visit our online shop at We deliver nationally and also have a showroom in River Club, Sandton by appointment.
Make-Up Artist - Noy Pullen
Noy Pullen, internationally trained colour consultant creates a makeup style for the whole retinue in harmony with the mood of your wedding, dress detail, flowers, hairstyle and your own individual style - shimmering, classic, glamorous, earthy, sensual or natural. We use skincare, foundations and colours from the vast hyper allergenic range of Reeva Beauty products, suitable for all skin types. 
Make up
Catering - Stir Food
Stir focuses on relaxed fine dining using the best quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible. We maintain a delicate balance between traditional excellence and the latest culinary trends. Our ingredients include the freshest produce and mouth-watering flavours, spiced with inventive presentation and rounded off with immaculate service.
Bar / Staff Services - Shake and Serve
Shake and Serve supplies a high quality, classy yet trendy mobile events bar service. Fully inclusive of stock, equipment and glassware. Our bars are the best in the business and can set your event apart. The other division boasts a full range of event staff. Style barman, barman, waiters, wine stewards, barbacks/porters and Floor Managers/Bar managers. All highly trained and professional with much experience in the industry. Both aspects of our company can be easily tailored to client specific needs.
Bar Services
Accommodation - Clouds
With one of the most celebrated views in the Cape, Clouds Estate is an undiscovered gem in the heart of the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Winelands. Clouds offers luxurious five star accommodation, including a Mediterranean-style villa with five beautifully appointed spacious bedrooms, all with full en-suite bathrooms and large covered verandas. There are also charming self-catering cottages, each featuring a double bedroom, full bathroom, separate toilet, lounge with air-conditioning, fireplace, satellite TV and a fully fitted kitchenette. The cottages also have magnificent views, private patios with barbeque facilities and access to the dedicated swimming pool.
Venue - Allée Bleue
Celebrate your special day at Allée Bleue, an established wine farm in the heart of the Cape Winelands between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Allée Bleue offers an eclectic combination of beautifully restored reception venues and an outstanding courtyard overlooking the vineyards, lavender fields and magnificent mountains. The excellent cuisine, award winning wines and our dedicated team ensure an unforgettable wedding day! A night in our bridal honeymoon cottage will round off your perfect day in elegant ambience and luxury. Whatever your expectations are, rest assured that Allée Bleue will exceed it.
Wedding Venues
Wedding Magazine
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- How to decide who to invite to your wedding
- Saving for your dream wedding
- Health and beauty tips for brides
- Take a break from planning - a guide to some of the best food and wine tasting venues for you and your partner
... and much more!
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