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Carl Wallace
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Wedding Tips
100 Wedding Tips - part 1
Getting started
1. Let the excitement begin! You’ve got the man of your dreams, a beautiful ring and the planning can commence. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy this wonderful time.
2. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. It’s your day, so make sure that it’s exactly the way you want it to be.
3. Set a date for your wedding at least 12 months in advance. If you wish to host the occasion on a Saturday, book the venue early to avoid disappointment. Bear in mind that most venues and service providers offer discounts for weekday celebrations.
4. Outline a proposed budget with your fiancé and all parents, if they’re to be involved, and decide who will cover costs in each category. This ensures clarity and understanding from the start.
5. Take the stress out of your planning and consider using a wedding coordinator. This will introduce you to a host of inspiring ideas and may save you money in the long run. Check their credibility and references and ensure that your personalities click.
6. Get inspired and buy lots of magazines. Go crazy and explore lots of different styles and ideas - this will help you to decide what you like, as well as what service providers appeal to you.
7. Carefully consider who you wish include in your retinue and ask them six months in advance. Bridesmaids and best men often make the planning process far more easy and relaxing.
8. Make an appointment to see your minister, priest, rabbi or registrar. If you don’t have someone specific in mind, start to explore your options.
9. Explore the idea of a destination wedding. This can be very romantic and transforms the occasion into an adventurous experience.
The Venue
10. Make your planning easier and book the ceremony and reception venues far in advance. It takes time to find the perfect venue, but the right one will take your breath away. Be flexible with your date, as popular venues are often full a year ahead.
11. Add an element of surprise and use different areas for the pre-ceremony drinks, ceremony, pre-dinner drinks, reception dinner and the after party.
12. Hiring equipment costs at least R200.00 per person, but you’ll have the freedom to customise every element. Otherwise check whether the venue has chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery and glassware available.
13. Choose a timeless venue that’s not too trendy or fixed to a particular style. When you look at the photographs in 20 years time, your wedding should still look elegant.
14. Sophisticated city weddings are big news this season. Enjoy pre-ceremony drinks at a chic bar, followed by a striking rooftop ceremony overlooking the cityscape. A snazzy restaurant is ideal for the reception, polished off with a slick nightclub after party. The bonus? All equipment and staff are included in the fee.
15. Instead of a sit down reception, try a contemporary, lounge-style event with delectable bowl food and canapés. This stylish option is surprisingly affordable, but works best with a younger set of guests.
Invitations and Stationery
16. The invitations should set off the overall theme for your wedding. Choose an experienced designer who can offer you a variety of different styles, colours and paper types.
17. Make a scrapbook of magazine clippings and web images to illustrate the style and colour scheme that you have in mind.
18. Be on trend and send “save the date” cards or emails to guests six to ninth months before the big day. This creates a real sense of excitement and helps them to book flights and accommodation well in advance. You’ll also have an idea of how many guests to expect.
19. Monogram details or classic calligraphy always add a touch of class. It’s also increasingly popular to have a wedding logo that works across your stationery and decor scheme.
20. Have an idea of the number of guests attending, as this has the biggest influence on the costs. Print a few extra invitations, especially if you have a B list.
21. Don’t forget to include important details such as directions, the dress code, special dietary requirements or whether kids are invited. Loose elements are a no-no - there’s nothing worse than a map falling out. You could also create a special website with all the necessary information.
22. If you’re having a smaller, more intimate wedding, hand delivered invitations make your guests feel really special.
23. The quality of the paper really makes stationery stand out, so it’s worth splashing out a bit. Overlaying different textures is another eye-catching option.
24. Stiff, formal wording is dated and impersonal. Rather be yourself and use a light, chatty and engaging tone. Here are some options:
Contemporary wording options:
Happily we two
Bride and Groom
have chosen the first day
of our new life together [insert date etc]
Come celebrate
Dance and sing
Laugh and love
As we join our lives [insert date etc]
Dreams do come true
We’re getting married!
You’re invited to attend
our wedding event
On [insert date etc]
Table Decor
The Decor
25. Everything should reflect your individuality, from the general colour scheme to the last blossom in your bouquet. Be subtle, chic, or unashamedly over the top, but most importantly, be you.
26. Quality linen with interesting textures and patterns is big decor news. Combine crystal with Mondial patterns - this adds a decorative floral element and lets you spend less on flowers.
27. Natural, unpretentious flower table tops are all the rage. For something different, ask your florist to create unique arrangements for each table.
28. Of course, flowers arrangements aren’t just for tables - hang striking ceiling displays, frame the reception setting with a dramatic display or set out narrow tables with simple candle arrangements.
29. Flowers in plain glass containers create an attractive, minimalist look. Place light boxes underneath each container for a romantic atmosphere.
30. Remember to check what flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding. This may help you to decide on the best date for your special day.
31. Good lighting adds a new dimension to the ambience. Set a trend and use chic lamps instead of candles, or choose fashionable antique chandeliers for a glamorous touch.
32. A vintage theme is always stylish. Look out for rich textures, antique detailing and only the finest decor elements - chandeliers, silver cutlery, crystal glassware and damask striped fabric.
33. Paint your seating plan onto a mirror in classic calligraphy or a modern typeface. It’s not just a pretty idea - guests can spot their seat and check their make-up too!
Wedding Tips
photos by: Joe and Jean-Pierre Uys
Tips to look out for in the next issue:
- Food & Drinks
- The cake
- The Dress & Styling
- The Photographer and Videographer
- Music and entertainment
Wedding rings
Wedding Ivites
Wedding Venues
Who to invite to your wedding?
The first thing to remember is that it’s your wedding, you shouldn’t allow friends and family to pressurize you into inviting people to your wedding that you don’t really want, although I appreciate this is often a lot easier said than done.
However, if you stick to the following rules it should help you to invite only the guests that you want at your wedding.
Step One - Write down a list of names of everybody that you would possibly want to come to the wedding. Don’t rule out anybody when carrying out this exercise.
Step Two - Go through the guests highlighting those that you definitely would like to invite to your wedding.
Step Three - Now go down the list and cross off anybody who you haven’t seen for over 6 months - which you could have seen had either of you made an effort. You may find that this reduces the list considerably.
Step Four - Those which are left are referred to as ‘floaters’. Write down circa R350 (this could be the cost per head charged by your caterer) next to every name which falls under this category, and add up the total cost of these ‘floaters’.
Then ask yourself this question. Is it worth that amount of money to invite ‘floaters’?
If you are strict with yourself, and follow these rules for choosing your guest list, you have a good chance of staying within your wedding budget, and importantly, only invite guests that you really want to your wedding, rather than pay for guests who just make up the numbers, ease your conscious or appease relatives.
Quoting Aleit: “If they do not know the name of your dog, there is no need to invite them!” 
Wedding Photography
Photography by Jean-Pierre Uys
Wedding Planning
Gift Register
Featrured Weddings
Wedding Shoes
Candice was working at a Bridal Exhibition two years ago when she first met Richard. As a professional hair and make-up artist, she was assigned a stand to market her services.  Richard, being a graphic designer, was drawn to her stand by her business cards.  Candice remembers thinking “Wow, he’s gorgeous!” but he was involved with someone else at the time, so she didn’t think much more of their meeting. Sometime later Candice was looking for a new website designer and a friend referred her to G Studio; so she gave them a call and set up an appointment. Her first meeting was with two of the partners, Jan and Danie, who asked her to come back with some photographs. At her next appointment she was welcomed by a gorgeous gentleman with familiar piercing blue eyes and quickly found out that his name was Richard. They started dating immediately and have been inseparable ever since. On their first date Richard confessed that he loved the sound of Candice’s voice and it had made him curious about her when he had answered her initial call!  
Hair and Make Up
Richard proposed to Candice in their home-town, Somerset West, in front of Stephanie’s Place Restaurant. They were on their way to a family dinner for her cousin’s Birthday and were running late. Richard had originally planned a casual proposal, but Candice’s punctuality and desire to get to the party provided the perfect opportunity for improvisation. Before they went inside, Richard surprised her with a beautiful ring and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She quickly screamed yes, then started crying and then started screaming again! With smiling eyes, they joined their family and friends inside and spent the evening celebrating. 
Wedding Bouquets
The wedding was held at Le Franschhoek Hotel on the 19th August 2006. Guests were seated on white Wimbledon chairs in the exquisite antique wine cellar, where a white screen printed with pink orchids hung magnificently at the front creating a crisp, clean backdrop for the couple. Candice entered looking breathtakingly beautiful in a white and salmon pink lace dress and walked down an orchid-printed aisle to her expectant Groom. She recalls being unable to walk slowly as all she wanted was to be next to Richard at the front. “Standing at the altar saying our vows was the most spectacular moment and we will remember it forever!”
Featured Weddings
After the ceremony guests enjoyed delicious hot and cold canapés such as roasted butternut, rocket and Danish feta in pastry while mingling with glasses of bubbly in the lounge area. True to the theme, pink and white orchids as well as different potted flower arrangements and funky bottles adorned the reception area. The room came alive with rich chocolate browns, dusky pinks and sage green, creating an ornate, graphic, simple yet girlie feel. The undulating glow of candles added richness to the colours and provided the room with depth, mystery and romance.
Guests were seated in the White Breakfast Room, welcomed and then waited in anticipation for the Bride and Groom to make their entrance. Candice and Richard finally arrived and proceeded to cut the wedding cake before taking their places, as Mr. and Mrs. Meershoek, for the first time, at the main table.  As the festivities continued, Asian butternut and coconut milk soup was served as starters, followed by herb-encrusted rack of lamb with crushed olive potato cake and minted jus for main course. The meal was completed when the decadent chocolate wedding cake was served with vanilla ice cream. 
After the opening dance Candice separated her exquisite bouquet into three parts and gave three of her lady friends the chance to take home a piece of her special day. With the wedding traditions out of the way, guests took to the dance floor and proceeded to party the night away. The evening ended in a festive mood and with many laughs and special moments being shared.
The surprise honeymoon was on a cruise ship along the majestical Mediterranean exploring charming tourist destinations such as Palma, Florence, Pisa and Monte Carlo, to name a few. The couple spent long days shopping for bargains, eating different foods, drinking and sleeping, and were treated like royalty by the friendly staff on the ship. On their way home they stopped in London and spent the rest of their holiday relaxing and enjoying quality time with some family and friends. 
Featured Wedding
“We had the best wedding and it was all thanks to our amazing team of service providers. If it was not for Aleit and Yolanda I would have been a stressed-out Bride. We all were so calm and everyone commented on how organized the wedding was from beginning to end. This was because of you guys! Also, to Alwyn from OKASIE, for reading Richard and I like a book! He is so talented, he blew us away!  Joe, for our stunning photo' wonder he was voted photographer of the year. Vicky and John Goslin, for capturing every moment for us. Kanya Hunt for her delicious cake...yum! So thank you to everyone who made our wedding possible and absolutely breathtaking!” 
Service providers:
Band - Nicky B; 
DJ - John Oosthuizen from Capricorn Music;
Florist - OKASIE; 
Stationery - Elsje Designs; 
Photographers - Annelize Langeveldt and Joe Dreyer; 
Videographer - Vicky Goslin; 
Minister - Kevin Needham; 
Cake Maker - Kanya Hunt; 
Shuttles - GO Cape Tours; 
Babysitters - Holiday Nannies; 
Lighting - Something Different Concepts and Shows; 
Hiring - Hireworx 
Aleit Weddings
Hair and Make Up
wedding saving tips
Saving for your wedding...

The average cost of a wedding is reported to be R180 000. This in reality is a lot of money, and most people don't have that sort of cash at their disposal.
So what are the options? You could take out a loan, but do you really want to start off married life in debt?

Instead why not take your time and save for the wedding.

Here are some great tips on how to save, not just for your wedding, but for your future. Some of these tips also have the advantage of helping you to protect our environment.
The first thing to do is to change your philosophy towards spending. Rather than be frivolous and spontaneous about spending your money try and hold onto it and save for something that you really want, in this instance your wedding.
How to save on shopping...

Ever wondered how the supermarkets are able to make a profit year on year. Well they have you to thank. The supermarkets have made their fortune out of researching consumer shopping habits.
Well now it's time for you to take control and shop for what you actually need, rather than shop for what you think you need.

1. Make a shopping list, this way you'll shop for what you need and not get diverted.
2. If you haven't got the time to do a weekly shop then shop online, again making a list before you start.
3. Buy store brand products rather than well known brands, as these are considerably cheaper.
4. Plan your meals each week, that way you only buy what you need.
5. Buy from the market, rather than the supermarket.
6. Buy fresh food and a good supply of long life foods which you can put together to make a meal.
7. Cook in batches, that way you can freeze food to eat at a later date. It also makes it easier to plan your shopping for each week.
8. If you eat meat, buy the cheaper cuts. You may have to cook it for a little longer in order to tenderize the meat, but they still offer plenty of flavour.
Those little treats that soon add up...

9. Take sandwiches to work rather than buying from the work canteen.
10. Stop buying expensive coffee on your way to work. Instead invest in a coffee maker, some coffee beans and a travel mug, and make your own to take into work.
11. Stop eating out and ordering take-aways, instead loan a good cook book from the library and work your way through it.
12. If you buy a magazine on your way to work consider taking out a subscription >> as there are often cheap introductory offers. However, if you currently have a magazine subscription, and you don't always read the magazine, then cancel your subscription otherwise you are just throwing money down the drain.
13. If you have an annual gym membership, but aren't making the effort to go at least three times a week, then cancel it and buy yourself a cross-trainer >> instead, or better still do some jogging, brisk walking or swimming.
14. Join the library and loan books rather than buying them.
15. Avoid going for a drink after work, as this can become an expensive way to unwind.
16. If you like to have the occasional drink why not try and make your own home-brew >>. You pay an initial outlay for the equipment and the kit, but in the long run its cheaper to make your own than pay pub prices.
17. If you smoke, now is a great time to stop. Not only will you reap the health benefits for yourself but so will everyone else around you. You'll also save lots of money in the process.
If you don't use it, or wear it, sell it...

18. Sell items that you haven't used or worn in the last six months, and those that you are not likely too. Hold a garage sale or stick them on gumtree.
Buy in the sales...
19. If you buy presents for people at Christmas and birthdays then plan well ahead and look to buy them in the sale, at a fraction of the cost.
How to save on your utility bills...

20. Take a shower instead of having a bath.
21. Install a water meter, then you'll only pay for the water you use. This will encourage you to be more economical with your water consumption.
22. Install a cistern displacement device to reduce the amount of water used when you flush the toilet.
23. Don't ignore a dripping tap.
24. Only fill the kettle with enough water for what you need.
25. By turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree you could save around 10% on your energy
26. Use warm water to wash clothes rather than hot water.
27. If its not raining, then use the clothes line to dry your clothes rather than the tumble dryer.
38. Wait until you have a full load before you use the washing machine or the dish washer.
39. Replace your existing light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs >>
30. Turn off radiators in rooms which aren't used regularly.
31. Don't leave electrical equipment on stand-by, turn them off at the mains.
32. Pay utility bills by direct debit. That way you avoid any late payment and you can often save money on setting up a direct debit.
How home owners can save...

33. When it comes to the end of your mortgage agreement look at all your options. See if you can save money by either switching lender or getting a better deal. Look at the different types of mortgage packages which are currently available, particularly the flexible mortgage, which allows you to put all your spare money into your mortgage account, reducing the interest you have to pay.
Payment protection...

34. If you have payment protection on your mortgage and credit cards, for example, think about whether you really need the cover. It is possible you are covered by other policies you hold, so in fact you could be buying twice over. You might find once you've done the maths that if you were unfortunately made redundant you would still have enough money to make the necessary repayment.
Extended warranties, value for money or just a con?

35. Beware of paying for extended warranties that cost more than they're actually worth. If you buy an appliance it often comes with a free repair and parts guarantee. Check how long this cover lasts. If the appliance was to break down, say after three years, it might be cheaper to just buy another one rather than be covered by an extended warranty.
How to get the most out of your credit card...

36. Use your credit card wisely. Don't use your credit card to withdraw cash as you will normally have to pay an extra fee for the privilege.
37. Try to pay off your credit card in full each month, or at least make the minimum payment.
38. Set up a direct debit to avoid late payments.
How to make a low cost loan work for you...

39. Consider taking out a low-cost loan rather than using credit cards - they will almost always be cheaper.
Consolidate your debts...

40. Consolidate your debts >> by getting a loan from one provider to pay off all your credit cards. Shop around to find the cheapest option.
Savings jar...

41. Get yourself a large jar and start to save the pennies. Take any loose change out of you wallet/ purse and put it into your savings jar. Once a month take a trip to the bank and pay the money into your savings account. Or why not get yourself a wedding fund money box. This way everytime you look at the box it will be clear in your mind why you are saving the pennies. To afford your dream wedding.
What to do with the work bonus...

42. If you get a bonus from work deposit it straight into the bank and put it towards the wedding fund. Don't be tempted to spend your bonus on something you don't really need...
How much do I need?

43. Decide how much money you need to live on each week and withdraw it from the bank and keep within you limit. If you have any money left over then put it into your savings jar.
Cut your phone bill...

44. Although BT are well known, they are not the only telecommunication company out there. Shop around for a company that can offer you the best deal on your phone and internet service.
45. If you have a mobile phone >> and have a contract with the mobile company consider whether it would be cheaper to have a pay-as-you-go phone. This way you will avoid making unnecessary calls.
How to save money on your car...

46. If you have a car which costs a lot to maintain in terms of insurance and fuel economy, why not trade it in for a more cost effective model.
47. Consider using public transport rather than your car, it could work out to be cheaper. Alternatively buy a bike or walk to work.
Insurance policies...

48. Insurance policies normally provide cover for one year. At the end of which you can either renew your policy or switch to a better deal. If you switch don't forget to compare policies and check that you will have the same amount of cover as before.
49. Beware of companies who automatically renew your insurance policy without sending you written notice that they will do so, unless you state otherwise. 
Do I really need a holiday? Not this year...

50. If you normally go on holiday once a year do away with the holiday and put the money you would have spent toward the wedding fund.
Western Cape Weddings
fat Loss
Wedding Flowers & Decor
Wedding Food
The French have always been celebrated for having some of the most sophisticated palates on earth. The most respected restaurant guide, the Michelin guide is testimony to this. Paris still holds the most three star restaurants of any city. We are moving into mid July and there seems to be no end to the winter chills with another cold front predicted for the 14th of July, seemingly commemorating the infamous storming of the Bastille on July 14 1789. In keeping with this French celebration also commemorated in Franschhoek try this Bastille Day inspired winter warming menu to keep the chills at bay.
Bon Appétit 
Wedding Food

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a classic example of French cooking. A few simple ingredients cooked well, creates one of the most pleasing winter warmers. The trick here is to get the onions as brown as possible without burning them. Onions contain natural flavour boosting compounds which act in a similar way to MSG. Another trick for variation is to add one star aniseed to the onions when browning. Just slowly cook them in the butter on a really low heat stirring every few minutes until well browned. Using homemade also makes a huge difference.

• 6 large white onions, peeled and thinly sliced.
• 100g butter
• 5 sugar
• 2 cloves garlic, chopped
• 1ltr beef or chicken stock, preferably homemade
• 125ml dry white wine
• 1 bay leaf
• 4 sprigs of fresh thyme
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 8 slices of toasted French bread
• 125g of grated Kleinrivier Gruyere

In a large saucepan, sauté the onions in the butter on low high heat until well browned, but not burned, about 30-40 minutes. Add the sugar about 10 minutes into the process to help with the caramelisation. Add garlic and sauté for 1 minute. Add the stock, wine, bay leaf, and thyme. Cover partially and simmer for about 30 minutes. Season to taste & discard the bay leaf. To serve, ladle the soup into ovenproof bowls. Cover with the toast and sprinkle with cheese. Grill in the oven till the cheese is browned and serve immediately.
Serves 4-6 
Wedding Food
Main Course
Coq au Vin
Another well known French classic made by using either red or white wine. The French classically use a Burgundy style wine such as Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. Any lighter local wine will do as well. To add something special to the dish, marinate the chicken in the wine overnight before cooking.
• 1 large chicken, cut into 8 pieces
• 50g butter
• 1 leek sliced
• 1 carrot, cut into small blocks
• 1 medium onion, roughly chopped
• 2 sprigs of thyme
• 2 bay leaves
• 2 cloves garlic chopped
• 250 g bacon chopped
• 150g baby onions, peeled
• 1 punnet button mushrooms halved
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 50g flatleaf parsley, roughly chopped
In a large heavy base pot melt the butter, add the garlic and bacon and cook till the bacon turns pink, add the leek & onions & fry until translucent. Set aside. Season the flour then dust the chicken. Fry until golden brown then add the bacon mix & red wine. Bring to the boil & simmer half covered on a very low heat for 90minutes. In a separate pan fry the mushrooms & pearl onions until golden brown.
Add to the pot and simmer for another 10minutes. Garnish with the chopped parsley and serve with boiled potatoes. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat, put the lid on and simmer for 40 minutes.
Serve with boiled potatoes and French bread.
Serves 4-6
Wedding Dessert
Crème Brûlée
Everyone’s favourite dessert and not that difficult to make once you get the hang of it. It is advisable to invest in a mini blowtorch available from most kitchen stores. Use only the best quality cream and free-range eggs to ensure the recipe works well.
• 500ml double cream
• 1 vanilla pod
• 100g castor sugar (plus extra for topping)
• 6 egg yolks
Pre-heat the oven to 150 °C. Pour the cream into a saucepan. Split the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape the seeds into the cream. Chop the empty pod into small pieces, and add them to the cream.
Bring to boiling point, then lower the heat and simmer gently for five minutes. Beat the sugar and egg yolks together in a large heat-proof bowl until pale and creamy. Bring the cream back to boiling point. Pour it over the egg mixture, whisking all the time until thickened - this indicates that the eggs have begun to cook slightly. Strain through a fine sieve into a large jug, and then use this to fill six ramekins about two-thirds full. Place the ramekins in a large roasting tray and pour in enough hot water to come halfway up their sides. Place on the centre shelf of the oven and bake for about 45 minutes, or until the custards are just set and are still a bit wobbly in the middle. Remove from the water and allow to cool to room temperature. When ready to serve, sprinkle one level teaspoon of caster sugar evenly over the surface of each créme, then caramelise with a mini blowtorch. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes, then serve.
Serves 4-6 
Weddding CAterers
Food & Wine
A guide to some of the best food and wine tasting venues for you and your partner. 

You deserve to spoil yourself... Take a break from all the planning and organizing. Get into your car and take a road trip into wine country.  Wineries are stepping things up in order to entice you to take that turn into their entrance gates, so here are some offerings you may not be aware of.  There is something for everyone:
For the sweet tooth...
Step into olde world charm at Muratie (Stellenbosch) for a Port & Chocolate tasting - Cape Ruby and Vintage port paired with two different chocolates.
Visit Van Ryn's (Stellenbosch) 5 star brand home for a Brandy, Coffee and Chocolate Pairing.  This luxurious tasting includes 3 of their award-wining potstill brandies, hand-made Belgian chocolate chosen to complement the rich flavours of the brandies, rounded off with a serving of a single-plantation, Honduran coffee.
Wine Estates
Jorgensen's Distillery (Wellington) also offer Chocolate and Brandy tastings.  The Jorgensens lovingly handcraft a range of super premium spirits – a potstil brandy, a vodka, an absinthe and a gin.  Worth a visit!
KWV Emporium in Paarl also offer a Brandy and Chocolate tasting.
Somerbosch (Stellenbosch) has recently introduced a new wine tasting experience featuring 4 red wines and their own home made red wine ice cream. Wines include Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage. 
Wine Estates
Waterford Estate (Stellenbosch) offers a fabulous Chocolate and Wine tasting. Kevin Arnold and Richard von Geusau have created a series of dark and milk chocolates that, when paired with their Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Natural Sweet wines gives you a totally unique taste sensation. 
Or you could head up the Annandale Road (Stellenbosch) towards Bilton Wines for their Chocolate and Wine tasting.  Combine the artistry of wine with the flair of a chocolatier and you have Bilton's chocolate and wine experience, attention to detail pairing only the finest Belgian chocolate - 70% cocoa with the fine undertones and classic notes of their award winning wines. Each new vintage the team sit together and have the hard task of identifying the perfect match... my personal favourite is the Sauvignon blanc 2010 with the pear and guava white chocolate ... mingling magic. Chocolate is exclusively available on the farm.
For an old favourite... Steenberg Vineyards offer a tutored cheese and wine tasting held in their executive tasting room.  4 pre-selected wines matched with 4 delicious bites from Bistro 1682 ie Belroni; Goatsmilk; Parmesan and Witzenburger. 
For the epicurean... Steenberg Vineyards delights the senses with a Sauvignon Blanc and Salmon Pairing… Lauded as one of the top Sauvignon Blanc producers in SA and having been awarded such accolades as John Platter 5 stars, they also offer a tutored Sauvignon Blanc tasting with Salmon 4 ways ie Gravalax; smoked salmon with lime; salmon tartare and seared trout. 
Hotel Weddings
If you are a fan of the 'magical' berry, then the Olive Shed on Tokara (Stellenbosch) is a must for you.  Throughout the classical wine-producing regions of the world, there is a natural association between the olive grove and the vineyard. At TOKARA, this celebrated relationship is being continued. 
With 18 hectares of olive trees growing on the steepest slopes of the farm, the ‘Olive Shed’ is bringing a quality olive oil to accompany TOKARA wines at the table.  They have 4 styles to choose from and tastings can be done at the Tokara tasting room or at the deli.  
Great stop for lunch as well.... Bread and Wine Restaurant on Moreson (Franschhoek) is the inspiration behind their Charcuterie and wine combination tastings offered at the deli.  Neil Jewell, known as the Charcuterie guru, prepares these delicacies with mountains of patience and bucket loads of love. 
Wedding Venue
The Jorgensens Distillery (Wellington) will soon be offering Vodka and Sushi pairings in their tasting room as well. 
For the Proudly South African... Visit Stellenbosch Hills (Stellenbosch) for an authentic South African taste sensation.  Sip on 5 wines, perfectly matched with 5 variations of biltong – hand-picked by their winemakers to complement their wines.  Beef with Pinotage and Merlot, smoked beef with Shiraz, Springbok with Chardonnay and Kudu with their flagship reserve red blend. 
Stellenbosch Wedding
For a combination of these, visit the KWV Emporium in Paarl.  They offer a bilton, nuts and wine experience.
For the vegetarian...
Stellenbosch Hills's 'Nuts about Wine' experience is a must.  A selection of nuts selected by the winemakers to complement 5 of their wines.  Look forward to lemon and herb cashews with Chardonnay, sweet chili cashews and Chenin, salted almonds with Pinotage, pistachios with Shiraz, and chocolate-covered brazil nuts with their Muscat de Hambourg!
For those who prefer to get a little more hands on...
Bread and Wine Restaurant now offer “Cooking with the Chef” lessons. A morning learning from Neil Jewell.  You can also do a bread making course – learn to have fun with food, making magic in any kitchen.  “Become the baker you always knew you could be!”
And finally, because it is afterall about wine..... why not learn to blend your own wine? 
Visit Excelsior Wine Estate (Robertson) to blend, bottle and label your own creation in their tasting room.
Or join a Wine Blending Course at Moreson with the winemaker and a small group for a practical session where you'll blend your own potential award-winning wine (that you'll later take home and maybe share) – then a lazy lunch at the restaurant, followed by a private tour of the winery and the opportunity to sample from the tanks and barrels some of the yet-to-be-released wines.
So much to do, so little time.....
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Wedding Q&A
Topic: Colour
"Silver and white with red?  My wedding colours are silver and white.  I'm thinking of adding dark red to prevent the dullness (red rose petals / red table centre flowers).  Is this a good idea?   Also, what colour will be best for my bridesmaids dresses?  Red, silver or silver and red?" 

Dear Bride 
We have called in the help of our own decor - and styling experts,  Johnny Hammann and Marilize de Clercq.
 Johnny regarding your table decorations and flowers:  Red would be a great addition to the silver and white.  It is going to be opulent and dramatic, definitely not dull.  Actually I would leave out the white completely as red and white together can easily look like Valentine's Day.  Try to go for a deeper cream or stone colour for your base colour and then add silver via stationery and vases.  Be careful of bunched up rose posies, they can easily look cheap which in fact they aren’t.  Rather go for loose opulent classic mixed arrangements with silky dark red open roses in between. 
Marilize regarding your bridesmaids dresses:  I wouldn’t go with red. The contrast is too harsh and takes away that elegant visual effect you want at a wedding.  However, if you are quiet keen on red, I would bring in subtle elements of red for example:  Stylish red shoes for the bridesmaids, rose corsage or delicate red trimmings on the dresses.  Be careful what shade of red you use.  It all depends on your wedding’s theme/concept.  I would also advise to use more than one shade of red; this will add depth to the overall palette and definitely add a stylish touch.  For the dresses:  Go for shades of silver such as crisp grey or charcoal (depending on your bridesmaids' skin-tone) and use patterns as well as monotones.

Wedding Colours
Photographers: Jean-Pierre Uys & Joe
Wedding Bar Servives
Featured Wedding Venue: The Royal Hotel
The grand old Royal hotel is located in Riebeek Kasteel, the village forming together with Hermon and Riebeek West the picturesque and tranquile Riebeek Valley and part of the Wineland route. The Royal Hotel is the oldest and most colonial hotel of the Western Cape and offers the most beautiful and most luxurious accommodation in Riebeek Kasteel, and the Swartland for that matter. The hotel offers accommodation in true old world luxury at affordable prices.
The Royal is one of the oldest hotels in South Africa, and always has been operational as such. Although by many referred as it's little sister, the hotel was already licensed as such even before the architect of the famous (and also very colonial) Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town was born. The last structural change to the hotel was made in 1927 when the arched stoep was added.
Wedding Venues
Wedding Accommodation
Wedding Music
Getting married? 
Then you’re probably looking to get a new house or flat. Renovating a new house is very important for newly-weds, but can be a stressful and time-consuming task.
With, we aim to save you time and money, so that you can focus on the important things, like building your relationship with your new partner and starting a family.
From the bathroom to the garden. From the floors to the roof. We have it all. With more than 30 different categories, you are almost certain to find everything you need to turn your house into the perfect home.
Each company gets their very own profile, to showcase the work they do, so you can look through all the photos and compare companies, all in the comfort of your home. When you have found the company that you like, you are able to email them, straight from the website.
With regularly updated content, including top renovation tips, Inspiration guides and fun articles, Let’s Renovate really is the best place to start planning your new home renovation.
Paloma’s Nest Ring Bowls R395 each, Wedding Button Badges, over 60 different words R5 each,
Weddingstar Bird Cage Veils from R400 each, Sky Lanterns R330 for 10, Weddingstar Porcelain
Cake Toppers R570 each, various styles available. Chinese White Paper Lanterns from R30 to R50
each (20 – 60cm), Bridal Sixpence R60 each, Groom and Groomsmen Cufflinks R250 for a set,
White Starburst Luminaries R10 each, Sandalwood Fans R20 each.
MAke Up
Something Different
Technical production and technically designed décor is their specialty. Lighting is not just a practicality; it should be a feature in itself. They give you the freedom to customise every technical aspect of your event with bespoke lighting, slick sound and unique structures. 
"Something Different has taken Aleit Weddings and Events to a new level. Their dedication, creativity and flair speaks for itself and is tangible when you look at each and every project. Looking forward to another wow season with them." Aleit
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Rozenwerth Competition


Western Cape Weddings

You’ve been dreaming of the dress you’ll wear on your big day since you can remember, and now Rosenwerth is here to make your dreams a reality! Simply “like” the Rosenwerth Facebook fan page, and get your friends to do the same by suggesting the page to them. The more friends you refer, the better your chances of winning! 
For more information, visit or mail 
Wedding DressWedding CarWestern Cape weddings
About Rosenwerth
Rosenwerth offers an incredible range of fashion masterpieces, from Haute Couture for red carpet events to ready-to-wear glam, Matric Dance dresses for that special night and Bridal Gowns to outshine the rest.
Gabi Rosenwerth, esteemed artist behind the designs, has dressed some of the most famous women of our time, and will work with you to create a breathtaking dress which you'll never want to take off.
Visit the Rosenwerth shop at Kildare Centre, Corner of Kildare road and Main street, Newlands, Cape Town, call 0216742910 or email to make an appointment.

Competition dates:

5 July - 5 September 2010 
Winner will be announced on 5 September via Facebook
Wedding Photographer
Wedding dresses
Wedding Gifts
Bridal Couture
Wedding Flowers
Featured Service Providers
Photographer: Michael Tree Photography
Michael is a stylist at heart, his photos are simple, elegant and challenging...
Wedding Photographers
Videography: Icandy Visual Productions
iCandy Visual Productions aim to bring out the ‘ooh’, the ‘ahh’, the ‘wow’ and ‘mmmmmm’ in you with our still and moving visual experiences that are true – eye candy! We have mastered the art of really understanding what our client’s needs are. We can easily adapt to capture anything for your very personal romantic wedding experience.   This is made possible through years of experience as well as boundless creativity and passion that are the cornerstones of our endeavors. Please join us on a journey through our website to view the services and products we offer and to enjoy moments from the work we have done and comments from our clients at
Wedding videographer
Wedding Stationery: Canvas Events
“Canvas Events Media specializes in the Design and Production of wedding stationery and wedding websites. 
Our primary business is that of design, we make sure that every invitation, save the date, e-invitation, website or whatever else we do for our clients is GORGEOUS and exactly what they want. We therefore NEVER repeat the same design twice."
Wedding Stationery
Jewellers: Sterns - for now, for ever
We know that the perfect piece of jewellery is as important as the person who wears it and that it will be treasured forever, whether it is bought for oneself or a loved one. With this knowledge, our committed staff deliver excellent customer service to ensure a magnificent shopping experience that will be unforgettable. 
Read more about Sterns...
Top Billing Magazine – THE BEST OF THE GOOD LIFE
Top Billing Magazine, inspired by the Top Billing TV show, combines the latest trends in fashion, décor, food and travel allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of glamour and elegance. Driven by a team of professionals we search to bring you only the best content. Our pages are filled with awe-inspiring stories, news and ideas allowing you to share in the best of the good life! 
Read more about Top Billing...
Bridal Wear – Elbeth Gillis
Timeless design meets sophisticated style; the Elbeth Gillis brand is the hallmark of all that is feminine, as eternal and inspiring as the union of marriage itself. Now the bridal couturier is taking the next step, bringing together the classic tailoring and attention to detail of bridal wear to the world of ready-to-wear fashion.
Bridal Wear
Flowers and Petals – Petal Mania
Petals & flowers for your wedding favours …
Are you planning your wedding (or your client’s wedding) & keen to have a wonderful bouquet, flowers in your hair, petals on the pathway or aisle, flower girl baskets or pomanders for the bridesmaids, confetti & wedding favors for the guests?
Wedding flowers
Decor – In Good Company
In Good Company specialises in imported and local linen, ribbon, tableware, decorations, cake toppers, favours and gifts. 
We are also proud suppliers of Weddingstar and Cathy's Concepts. A whole colour spectrum of Chinese paper parasols, fans and paper lanterns are available, as well as stunning capiz shell and vintage glass candleholders to mention a few.
Visit our online shop at We deliver nationally and also have a showroom in River Club, Sandton by appointment.
Wedding Decor
Make-Up Artist - Noy Pullen
Noy Pullen, internationally trained colour consultant creates a makeup style for the whole retinue in harmony with the mood of your wedding, dress detail, flowers, hairstyle and your own individual style - shimmering, classic, glamorous, earthy, sensual or natural. We use skincare, foundations and colours from the vast hyper allergenic range of Reeva Beauty products, suitable for all skin types. 
HAir and Make Up
Catering - Stir Food
Stir focuses on relaxed fine dining using the best quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible. We maintain a delicate balance between traditional excellence and the latest culinary trends. Our ingredients include the freshest produce and mouth-watering flavours, spiced with inventive presentation and rounded off with immaculate service.
Wedding Caterers
Bar / Staff Services - Shake and Serve
Shake and Serve supplies a high quality, classy yet trendy mobile events bar service. Fully inclusive of stock, equipment and glassware. Our bars are the best in the business and can set your event apart. The other division boasts a full range of event staff. Style barman, barman, waiters, wine stewards, barbacks/porters and Floor Managers/Bar managers. All highly trained and professional with much experience in the industry. Both aspects of our company can be easily tailored to client specific needs.
Wedding Bar Services
Accommodation - Clouds
With one of the most celebrated views in the Cape, Clouds Estate is an undiscovered gem in the heart of the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Winelands. Clouds offers luxurious five star accommodation, including a Mediterranean-style villa with five beautifully appointed spacious bedrooms, all with full en-suite bathrooms and large covered verandas. There are also charming self-catering cottages, each featuring a double bedroom, full bathroom, separate toilet, lounge with air-conditioning, fireplace, satellite TV and a fully fitted kitchenette. The cottages also have magnificent views, private patios with barbeque facilities and access to the dedicated swimming pool.
Venue - Allée Bleue
Celebrate your special day at Allée Bleue, an established wine farm in the heart of the Cape Winelands between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Allée Bleue offers an eclectic combination of beautifully restored reception venues and an outstanding courtyard overlooking the vineyards, lavender fields and magnificent mountains. The excellent cuisine, award winning wines and our dedicated team ensure an unforgettable wedding day! A night in our bridal honeymoon cottage will round off your perfect day in elegant ambience and luxury. Whatever your expectations are, rest assured that Allée Bleue will exceed it.
Wedding Magazine
In the next issue:
- Spring/Summer Wedding Trends
- Go green when planning your wedding
- Health and beauty Part 1
- How to choose your DJ
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